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x ray


单词x ray的英汉对照例句

The microstructure of solid diffusion welded joint between a new type damping cualbe alloy to be used for naval ship propelling screw manufacturing and1cr18ni9ti stainless steel with ni foil interlayer was analyzed by means of sem epma line scan x ray diffraction and micro area eds techniques.
Under x ray or ultrasound guidance stones were crashed with pneumatic ballistic or holmium laser lithotripsy devices in a ii stages or single stage.
Failure reasons of impellers in a pump of an aromatic hydrocarbon extracting system were analyzed by means of microcoulometric detector spectroscopic methodology optical microscopy scanning electron microscope and x ray diffraction.
An x ray of a vein injected with a radiopaque contrast medium.
An analysis on age and x ray demonstrations of641patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.
Macro examination metallographic microscope microhardness tester and x ray diffractometer were utilized to study the failure reasons for connecting rode bearing bush of automobile engine.
Methods: sixty eight low extremity specimens were taken from fresh cadavers.the arterial distributions of the foot were observed by perfusing red latex barium sulfate chinese ink and10% gelatin also studied by x ray angiography and microdissection.
Methods the signs of ordinary x ray film ct and3d ct were compared with each other and with operative and pathological findings in37cases of malignant tumors of jaws.
The software of edxrf ms is developed according to the design principle of software engineering and the programming method of object oriented in windows98 using visual basic6.0.the software provide functions such as spectrum data collection control spectrum analysis of x ray data processing and output it is valuable for the exploitation of seabed resources.
Examination of the inner structure of opaque objects using x rays or other penetrating radiation.
The therapeutic use of x rays.
Objective to explore the imaging signs of malignant tumors of the jaws and to compare shortage advantage and complemen of ordinary x ray film ct and3d ct.
The hospital will arrange an x ray examination next week.
It was difficult to measure the load voltage directly between inner and outer conductor of cable induced by shield current under low flux x ray.this paper introduces a measurement pouring a current which was same as cable approximately photocurrent in x ray test into the shield of cable with a triocoaxial system and the load voltage was got.finally the measured result of typical cable and comparison with the calculation was given with a special load.
This includes electronics atomic and nuclear phenomena photoelectricity x rays radioactivity the transmutations of matter and energy relativity and the phenomena associated with electron tubes and the electric waves of modern radio.

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