As freshly painted tugboats nudged our ship into the gleaming china ferry terminal we were amazed at the extent of the new construction on both sides of the harbor.new highways are weaving their intricate web above the city and surrealistic skyscrapers push the skyline ever higher.
Use: for computer weft feeding on water-jet and air-jet looms suitable for all kinds wefts especially the weaving of fabrics with strong twisting yarn.
Some of the schools also have vocational courses including tailoring weaving and machine embroidery which may help them find jobs in welfare factories when they leave school.
Rose originated from france and mysterious geranium has come a long way to reach you only for weaving a long lasting tie with you.
John goes to work on a motor-bike weaving in and out of traffic jams.
In the opening segments of sean penn's version of into the wild a mother's nightmare of her missing son segues to a freight train curving through crisp alaskan scenery its long metal body weaving around snow-capped mountainsides.
Occasionally during weaving one of the many warp ends may break.
In this paper are introduced3different weaving methods in producing fine and high density but different tex warp ends with different preparations of weaving beam warping and sizing of two kinds of warp ends readjustment of weaving parameters and properly handling of warp ends breaking and tying-in detailed.
The processing practices and the production and technical keys in warping sizing reeding healding and weaving etc.in producing two sorts of warp yarn jacquard fabrics are viewed in this article.
This article introduces the application of group technique in processing ringent cam for weaving machine and the result shows that processing cost could he effectively lowered and the production efficiency improved through the combination of advanced processing technique and skilled grouping technique.
The robe weaving ceremony is held on the eve of the day before fullmoon day in one night.
This increases the cost of weaving and tends to make air jet looms less attractive.
China was the first country in the world to cultivate silkworms and develop silk weaving.more than3000years ago sericulture and silk weaving were already significantly developed.
Ceramic pigtail coil: is used for coiling machine and spinning and weaving fault silk location in mechanizing is fault silk another piece in common use.
Introduction: the sculpture shows the granite interweave together.being a bizarred view.the wright let hard stone can be weaving as if soft knitting wool.