English-Chinese Translation of warmth



English-Chinese Translation Examples of warmth

她有些激动, 竭力否认这一指责
She denied the accusation with some warmth, ie strenuously, forcefully.
他受到他们热情欢迎, 十分感动。
He was touched by the warmth of their welcome.
The poor children nestled up together for warmth.
He was pleased by the warmth of his welcome.
A sensory receptor that detects warmth.
A possible connotation of "home" is a place of warmth, comfort and affection".
I don't know what I expected from this global phenomenon but it wasn't the endearing mixture of warmth wit intelligence and larky self-knowledge that I found.
Where the earth now is there was in the beginning says the edda no sand sea or grass but only an empty space on whose north side lay the region of mist ice and snow and on its south side the region of warmth and sunlight.
The dining-room with4anacreontic warmth the modelling style that acts the role of to furniture lamp from the design and color of wallpaper passes the attentive collocation of goodwife.
The crepitation of firecrackers sends off the old year.sweet wine and spring wind brings warmth into thousands of homes.old couplets are replaced with new ones.
This small shop with an atmosphere of redoubled warmth always makes you feel at home.
The andiron fire has life the warmth isn't only a kind of feeling but alsoa kind of emotion.
Record warmth in december and january from quebec to lake huron is threatening a bedrock of canadian culture-dealing with winter.
As you breathe in imagine you take in all their suffering and pain with compassion and as you breathe out send your warmth healing love joy and happiness streaming out to them.
The electric heater radiated warmth.

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