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English-Chinese Translation Examples of warming

The rolls are warming in the oven.
The German coach has one of his substitutes warming up on the touch-line now.
Over and above the inevitable horse-trading and political fudging which will convince not only politicians but also billions of individuals around the world that the fight against global warming is worth joining.
The livelihood of thousands of tibetans living on china's highest plateau is under threat as global warming and environmental degradation dry up water sources for three mighty asian rivers experts say.
It's safe for health diminishes global warming and diminishes deforestation.
After weeks warming up his throwing arm in minor league matches japanese picher hideki irabu at last mode it to the yankees stadium on tuesday.
"We see drift ice as a barometer that measures the degree of global warming and we are keeping close watch on the conditions of drift ice."
The report warns that a temperature rise of up to5.8c with the warming of the oceans and melting of polar icecaps will force sea levels to rise by as much as ft making tens of millions of people in bangladesh and egypt homeless.parts of lowland britain are also at risk.
On an official visit to washington and california met the former body-builder this week to launch an agreement between california and britain to reduce global warming.
The heating means with primitive fireplace is to use strong mural bavin companion as "bi pares" sound and the blaze that lights undertakes warming oneself we can use all sorts of methods such as heat of electric heat oily heat hydro-thermal gas to replace now.
However the effect of global warming may affect the atmospheric general circulation and thus altering the global precipitation pattern as well as changing the soil moisture contents over various continents.
China's worsening environment has also upended the geopolitics of global warming.
Greg has been warming the bench all season long.
Study on the function in reducing complication of artificial air passage by continuous warming humidification to air passage.
Continuous warming humidification to air passage can reduce the form of sputum crust incidence of irritable cough blooding in air passage sputum aspiration and hypoxia caused by sputum aspiration as well.

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