English-Chinese Translation of warmer



English-Chinese Translation Examples of warmer

The weather is a bit warmer today.
She moved to a warmer climate.
Add orange paint to get a warmer hue.
The upstairs rooms are much warmer than those on the ground floor.
As the sun grew warmer, Molly cast off her heavy winter clothes.
The island had been used by many generations of birds of passage, as they made the long journey south each year in search of warmer weather.
With our men's wear spending more heavily biased towards warmer winter clothing there is a conviction that the tattiest corners of the wardrobe will provide something that can pass muster for two weeks in the sun: the shorts worn for the gardening or the t-shirts on the point of conversion into dusters.
Indeed if the climate gets a little warmer that surely will encourage more tourists to the uk and with the sun shining down they can traipse in ever larger numbers around the stately homes and gardens of britain
I do n't know about that said halidome more and more superior as shelton grew warmer.
From the end of1970s the greenland sea the barents sea and the most part of euro-asian continent and north american continent are getting warmer whereas the labrador sea the greenland and the area around the bering strait are getting colder.
Mathias krueger captain of the boat says how at first they were unsure of what exactly the animals were but the institute for oceanography confirmed that they were actually the common dolphin which normally inhabit the warmer waters of the mediterranean.
Deep-bodied disk-shaped food fish of warmer western atlantic coastal waters.
Less sea ice in the greenland and bering seas together with more sea ice in the sea of okhotsk the east of barents sea kara sea and hudson bay during winter coincides with weaker siberian high aleutian low and east asian monsoon stronger westerly in east asia and warmer air temperature in most part of china;
Is the room warmer than the cold air outside?
This series motors are used in air-conditioner dehumidify-machine warmer-fanner smoke-pump fanner etc.this series motors uses import ball-bearing adopts advanced design and reasonable structure so it has much virtues: low-noise small vibration high efficiency long time for usage etc. for example.

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