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When the President is ill, his duties devolve upon the Vice-President.
S padmanabhan executive vice-president for global human resources at tcs said the company was aiming to increase the portion of its revenue generated in india compared with high-cost markets like the us because "if you shift work your margin improves".
At nissan failure to discuss problems openly meant "transparency was one of the cultural issues" before its alliance with renault in 1999 says simon sproule a briton and corporate vice-president for global communications.
Relating to a vice-president or vice-presidency.
From left: central rat race2006mascot mr rat; michael hobson senior vice-president sales& marketing mandarin oriental hotel group neil mcnamara governor and steering committee member mindset nicholas sallnow-smith chief executive hongkong land wu chor nam jp vice chairman of central& western district council and raymond chow executive director hongkong land share exciting moments at the central rat race2006press conference.
The late lin qiaozhi who possessed superb medical skills and high medical ethics was vice-president of the chinese academy of medical sciences and the head of the society of gynaecology and obstetrics of the chinese medical association.she long engaged in gynaecological and obstetrics teaching and research conducting general surveys and curing common and recurring women's illnesses.she contributed significantly to china's modern gyniatrics and set an excellent example of humanitarianism in
But his44.8% of the vote was not enough to win in the first round so he will have to face jean-pierre bemba a former ugandan-backed rebel and one of congo's four current vice-presidents in a run-off in october.
The vice-presidents were all square pegs in round holes.
And if the house of representatives shall not choose a president whenever the right of choice shall devolve upon them before the fourth day of march next following then the vice-president shall act as president as in the case of the death or other constitutional disability of the president.
He no longer faces any trial at the ballot box and is not even intent on securing the presidency for his vice-president.
On ships they call them barnacles; in radio they attach themselves to desks and are called vice-presidents.
By1977 his loyalty earned him the vice-presidential post.
These include a defeat as a vice-presidential candidate in1996and controversy about alleged connections with a cult led by a man claiming to have supernatural powers who has been convicted of fraud.
The nominee vice-president of the company is very young.
President cao xumin and vice-president ni rulin attended the conference.

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