English-Chinese Translation of underground


    adj.地下的,地面下的,秘密的 n.[英] 地铁 adv.在地下,秘密地

English-Chinese Translation Examples of underground

To permit certain expenditures from the leaking underground storage tank trust fund.
Surface subsidence was most serious in certain areas where large quantities of underground water were pumped out.
Up to a point flyovers and underpasses being the first really decisive steps to speed up and divert traffic have eased the situation but a considerable contribution towards a satisfactory solution can be made by underground railway networks.
On his first day in the white house he closed off the corridor between the sunny ground-level offices of his press staff and the briefing room and reporters'cubicles some of which are underground.
He was engaged in underground work in the war time.
The quickest way to go round the city is by underground train.
Abstract: this paper describes the boundary element numerical solution technique for high-density resistivity two-dimensional topographic correction with examples given illustrating its application to two-dimensional topographic correction in detecting underground gas pipes.
The oil reservoir of the hetaoyuan group in the xinzhuang oil field is a typical ultrahigh viscous oil reservoir with underground water.
Based on unified strength theory the boundary line equation of surrounding rock mass plastic zone under non-uniform stress field was deduced and it can be used to pre-estimate the dimensions and shapes of underground tunnel's plastic zone with different coefficients of horizontal pressure.
The disease problem of tunnel and underground engineering is becoming a focus in the civil engineering at present it has important meaning to engineering technique advancement and tunnel engineering science development to solve the disease problem with health ideas.
Although many discoveries have been made in emperor qin shihuang's mausoleum archaeology wether the westward mausoleum passage under the pyramid-shaped mound does exist or not and the function of the underground drainage ditch is still unknown.
In water conservancy and hydropower projects the parameter selection of rock mechanics is one of key questions in the stability analysis and consolidation design of dam foundation slopes and underground grottos.
The ziwei cave including the underground river and dry passags it developes in the lower permian qixia limestone.
Evidence that the above-imaged plates really are dust-covered water-ice includes a similarity in appearance to ice blocks off earth's antarctica nearby surface fractures from which underground water could have flowed and the shallow depth of the craters indicating that something is filling them in.
Mainly control lithological boundary of overburden and stratum boundary of inferior geological body and spring spot of underground water.

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