Young rapidly growing leaves are most susceptible.
The young seedlings grow very rapidly.
With a tight fist participants are punched rapidly and thoroughly across their nether regions and then firmly squeezed around the buttocks.
Unlike the rapidly rotating neutron stars in the crab nebula and vela supernova remnants that are surrounded by dynamic magnetized clouds of electrons called pulsar wind nebulas this neutron star is quiet faint and so far shows no evidence for pulsed radiation.
"In every ship to which this part applies the bulkhead deck or a deck above the bulkhead deck shall be weathertight.all openings in an exposed weathertight deck shall have coamings of adequate height and strength and shall be provided with efficient and rapid means of closing so as to make them weathertight.freeing ports open rails and scuppers shall be fitted as necessary for rapidly clearing the weather deck of water under all weather conditions."
The temperature rises rapidly to between500k and2000k in the region known as the thermosphere.
The fixation of the stapes may progress rapidly during pregnancy.
Since then research has advanced so rapidly that us officials believe a single microwave device carried by an unmanned aircraft could hit100targets with1000pulses of high-intensity energy on a single sortie.
Foremost among the techniques used to study dense interstellar region is molecular radio astronomy a relatively new and rapidly developing interdisciplinary science.
This article full treats of the domestic and foreign existing circumstances in silicone which is increasing rapidly the marketable condition since a few big foreign silicone companies entered in china the development tendency of international silicone technology the successful experiences of foreign silicone industry the gap between ours and foreign and some suggestions about how to develop our country's silicone industry.
The new-type membrane separation technology which is challenging traditional technologies grows up rapidly in the concentration of waste liquor in pulping separation and purifying of lignin components and wastewater treatment.
The application of resistivity sounding technique to detecting landslide and collapse and the utilization coefficient k technique to determining the type and property of landslide and collapse can result in correct evaluation of geologic hazards thus rapidly and exactly providing geological basis for preventing and tackling these hazards.
Porcine contagious pleuropneumonia is one of the infectious respiratory tract disease that pose great threat to modem pig industry which cause swine dead rapidly with very high rate.
Data announced thursday show that china is still growing extremely rapidly with year-to-year expansion of11.5% in the third quarter although the pace of growth has eased after government measures to prevent the economy from spiraling out of control.
Protagonists moving very rapidly in the fighting as much as possible the movement of the enemy is distant places with a pistol attack they will be invincible.