English-Chinese Translation of porcelain


    n.瓷器,瓷 adj.瓷制的,精美的,脆的

English-Chinese Translation Examples of porcelain

I have a batch of porcelain ware to be shipped to new zealand.what risk shall I cover?
Content of the project: set up a new plant which occupies2500m2; add a electric energy-saving melting furnace; add2production lines of porcelain-like heat-resistant glass dishware.
In the middle of a small pond stands a pavilion of green and of white porcelain.
Dental porcelain nickel and cobalt alloy known as porcelain alloy I currently producing ceramic alloy shape of a flat circular hexagonal cylindrical and are mainly used for dental patients with tooth loss or defect repair with a solid combination of ceramic powder characteristics vivid natural teeth restored to mouth bring resume cavity in patients with teeth chewing function and beauty aesthetic good results.
The uncovered remnants were mostly brick with very few pieces of porcelain and an ping pottery.
Cement resistance porcelain manufactured by the mean of talcum ceramic drying with various specifications and high quality is used by cement resistance factory in the domestic and overseas.
Used for washing porcelain clay and stuff like that.
Blue designs are applied to the white body of the porcelain making it appear elegant fresh and full of vigor.
Meiping is a type of porcelain ware that developed from the song dynasty.
The new packing of porcelain is in chinese national style and suitable for display in supermarkets.
Manufacturing potassium fertilizer manufacturing porcelain and enamel ware glass raw material whet the grain etc.
Chinese porcelain enjoys worldwide fame.
Attempts by medieval european potters to imitate true porcelain led to the discovery of soft-paste porcelain which can be cut with a file.
On the table were some half ape still greenish pears a pot of liquer three white porcelain wine-cups and a huge plate filled with half a jellied chicken cooked in soy sauce smoked liver tripe and other cold meats.
After thanking the owner of the boat which rescued him my grandfather used his hard-earned money to set up a business.after a few years he acquired rubber coconut and pepper plantations.he also set up small brick and porcelain factories.at the same time he encouraged his relatives and friends to venture into other businesses like plantation finance shipping and other small enterprises with him.

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