n.人,人们,民族,人类,公民 vt.使住(满)人


In the1930s kansas husband-and-wife team osa and martin johnson--flying two sikorsky amphibian aircraft painted in animal motifs--covered60000miles and photographed the land and peoples of africa.
The single most shattering statistic about life in america in the late1990s was that tobacco killed more people than the combined total of those who died from aids car accidents alcohol murder suicide illegal drugs and fire.
And the people waited for zacharias and marvelled that he tarried so long in the temple.
Thou hast made us as the offscouring and refuse in the midst of the people.
You have made us offscouring and refuse in the midst of the peoples.
April1is a national holiday and people remember his flying trip by having ski-jump competitions.
70% Of the variation across people in suggestibility can be explained by the different levels of negative life events that they have experienced the study found.
The national geographic channel's live broadcast of the exploration of the great pyramid outside cairo on september17has aroused lots of people's interest in archaeology.
On september7 a gunman burst into a family on the outskirts of simi valley of los angeles and shot three people dead and wounded two.
Article11the people's bank shall reduce credit loans increase rediscounts and mortgage credits develop the open market business with treasury bonds and foreign exchanges as operational objects and gradually improve the proportion of the currency market to handle base currency.
Article32the funds sources of a policy bank mainly include the capital and special funds through fiscal allocation the state secured bonds issued to the public the financial bonds issued to financial institutions and the loans owned by the people's bank which are transferred from the original specialized bank and occupied by the policy loans.
Article59the people's bank can only handle the rediscount business for financial institutions the term of rediscount from the date of rediscount to the due date of bills may not be more than6months and the rediscount rate and the floating range thereof shall be determined by the head office of the people's bank.
Article8the control of the total amount of currency credit by the people's bank shall be gradually changed from the direct control which mainly focuses on the administration of credit quota to the indirect control which uses the social credit planning reloan rediscount open market operation reserve ratio benchmark interest rate proportion administration and other methods.
As and av series if requested by users can be fitted with double rail automatic coupling installation system which brings very much convenience to installation and maintenance as people will not be obliged to get into the sump any more.
Long after the time when ciesielski and taylor obtained the law of iterated logarithm of occupation measure of spatial brownian motion dembo peres rosen and zeitouni made a multifractal analysis of occupation measure of spatial brownian motion and got the multifractal spectrum of the occupation measure.on the other side there are less people who focus on the occupation measure of brownain sheet which contributes to less results.