adj.更多的 n.更多 adv.更,更多,更加,超过,多,大大高于 num.更多


In the meiyu season of2006 the blocking high located to the west of baikal lake the west pacific subtropical high was more northward than that in the normal year.
The200711th pan american games? In buenos aires argentina have concluded.? Athletes from more than? 20? Countries? Were in? Attendance and the games were a resounding success.
The single most shattering statistic about life in america in the late1990s was that tobacco killed more people than the combined total of those who died from aids car accidents alcohol murder suicide illegal drugs and fire.
2but If their misstep has become riches for the world and their loss riches for the gentiles how much more will their fullness be!
3.if The engagement of a pilot is altered more than twice then an additional pilotage due of$ 300shall be payable for the third and each subsequent alteration.
An active trade unionist for more than30years.
The two-photon resonance ionization processes at355nm make the ion intensities of pyrrole and the clusters obviously more abundant than at532nm.
The growth speed of ryegrass regeneration shoots in intercropping with chinese milk vetch faster than in single cropping by more than50%.
54.the Representative of china added that the government guidance price mechanism was a more flexible form of pricing.
Eating5or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily will reduce health risks substantially.
Hollywood star and u.n.goodwill envoy angelina jolie asked on saturday for increased international help to repatriate more than3million afghans living in pakistan.
A62year old black man had a more than1year history of a slowly enlarging thumb mass.
Since the end of1980 "s geologists have paid more and more attention to the tropical woody and domed peats and peatland in southeast asia have got generous data and observation results and have opened up a new prospect in correlation of peat with coal-forming environment.
83.even More shocking is the fact that the number and rate of imprisonment have more than doubled over the past twenty years and recidivism------that is the rate for rearrest------is more than60percent.
Since american economy deteriorated after9.11event to maintain its domestic economy benefits and protect its domestic infrastructure industries america implemented more severe trade protection policies. "201terms" Requires to levy8%-30% tariff on the imported steel products and applies the quota system on them;