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English-Chinese Translation Examples of life

The television station apologized for the interference, which was due to bad weather conditions.
Having waters rich in mineral and organic nutrients that promote a proliferation of plant life, especially algae, which reduces the dissolved oxygen content and often causes
At no point in his life should a revolutionary lie back and take life easy.
An astrologer tell her that she will meet her lifelong companion in her twenties.
A man who has become conditioned to the life in the country may feel quite at a loss in the city.
A murderer killed the child by choking the life out of him.
A man cannot live a broad life if he runs only in one groove.
At30 we need to settle down to our lives and shed from fantasies. But to the despondent I whisper that life begins at40.
Take honour from me and my life is done.
Reason is the guide and light of life.
Take away my good name, take away my life.
"我很愿意照我说的话做-把孩子们领下大厅来,而你跟在后面走。" "就按你说的办吧。" 她说道。
"I'm quite willing to do as I say-just bring the children down into the Hall, and you can hover about among the back row." "Anything for a quiet life, " she said.
"他是否把他所遭遇到的情况全盘告诉你了呢?" "那还用说。"
"Did he give you a full description of what happened to him?" "You bet your life he did."
"His father has stopped working now, and leads a very easy life."
"他的私生活不应该影响他的政治生涯," 他说。 "他好像确有真才实学。"
"His personal life should not affect his politics, " he said. "He seems to really know his stuff."

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