English-Chinese Translation of join forces

join forces

    unite;join hands 联合;通力合作 The American soldiers joined forces with the British in the war against Germany.战争中美国士兵与英国士兵会师共同抗击德国。 The tourist offices in the regions have agreed to join forces with the office in the capital to try and attract more interest and also to reduce costs.这些地区的旅行社已经同意跟首都的旅行社联手经营以吸引更多的人并降低费用。

English-Chinese Translation Examples of join forces

If our two companies were to join forces we could undercut all our competitors.
After crossing the river sufficient troops should remain to wipe out the enemy troops they confront along the river and keep watch on the enemy in wuhu while the main force should march swiftly eastward to join forces with the eighth and tenth armies cut off the nanjing-hangzhou highway so as to cut up the enemy troops in the nanjing-shanghai-hangzhou area and with the eighth and tenth armies wipe out those troops piecemeal.
So she was delighted to join forces with the inventor of the first electronic "talking book" and help expand the electronic book industry to a multi-million dollar international market.

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