An instantaneous oscilloscope trace or photograph.
It was at the beginning of1934 while working on the emission of these positive electrons that we noticed a fundamental difference between that transmutation and all the others so far produced; all the reactions of nuclear chemistry induced were instantaneous phenomena explosions.
According to some similar characteristics of tidal bore water jump and dam break it has been analyzed the precision of one-dimensional model with water-jump calculation and the exact resolving of instantaneously breaking bam.
The tripping device is basically divided into the instantaneous electromagnetic release and the time delay thermal release which are used for protection of circuit from shortcircuit and overload respectively.
We pick up the instantaneous information of moho phase in typical segment of the profile.
An instantaneous reply to my letter.
Methods: with the cras collection and transaction system of vibration shock and noise gathering and transacting instantaneous spring waves made by the wallop crown of remover in the operation of crown remove inputting the data into computer and analyzing and computing then educing the test results.
That is the intention and significance of the disease-resistant transgenic experiments of cunninghamia lanceolata hook.on the basic of tissue culture and reproduce of system we carried on a series of concerned experiments by plantlet stems as explants: establishment of transgenic receptor system studies including in instantaneous expression and stabilization expression of transgenic experiments.
Based on examples? The flux distribution of the three-phase five-limb distribution transformer is analyzed by the instantaneous method.
I should fancy it was prussic acid as she seems to have died instantaneously.
In the instantaneously variable market competition
Large energy electromagnetic surge interference on the power line and internet line caused by instantaneous operation of supply circuit system connection and disconnection of capacitor set changeover of main network or change of load short circuit of equipment or arc earthing connection and disconnection of high power thyristor or other reasons;
Every fragment in perpetuity is instantaneous.
According to the moving characteristics of tracklayer when the vehicle is on ramp and the ground's vertical pressure is linear the calculating formulas of relationship between the deviation of the instantaneous steering center the position of vehicle's gravity steering radius moving velocity moving acceleration and vehicle's orientation were obtained by the theory and method of vector analysis in mathematics and mechanics.
The reproductive yields are maximized by an instantaneous switch from vegetative to reproductive growth after a short period of vegetative growth.