n.理想 adj.理想的,完美的,想象的,观念的,唯心论的


Linen is ideal for summer wear.
Usage: the set of the machines is a ideal equipment drawing wire stock of high medium and carbon steel as well as copper alumium and alloy.the machines are applied to drawing wire in the factories such as wire-steel factory metal mesh factory and nail making factory etc.
A revolutionist's passion and ideal's certain demand met with the contradiction of the negative conditions which the demand consisted of guo xiao-chuan's tragic outcome.
What is the ideal weight of a scouser?
Depending on high technology meeting the demands of clients supplying consumers with the best products and fine service to create more huge material wealth for society is always our upmost ideality.
We used torationally judge our culture with monism and ultimatism together with intellectual idealism.
Therefore? Only by opposing idealist and mechanistic tendencies and taking an objective and all-sided view in making a study of war can we draw correct conclusions on the question of war.
In the field of the relationship of beauty appreciation between man and nature people lay stress on the refining and building of poetic emotions between rich life sentiments and quality of beauty appreciation on the objective mountains and waters reveal the strong patriotic coloring repose the poets life ideal of saving all the people and his enterprising spirit of self-realization and also express his hidden resentment and sorrowfulness with his lofty aspirations unrealized.
In many circuit this reverse current does not affect the convert characteristic and so the diode can also be considered as ideal during the turn-off transient.
In an ideal amplifier the final stage tube acts as a signal source and the output transformer acts as a load.
In an earlier paper we presented that sem-edxrf can be realized and the idealer primary x-ray beam was achieved in a scanning electron microscope.
The thermal properties of medium silicon-molybdenum vermicular iron are about three times of that of normal vermicular iron so it is an ideal material for producing manifold.
Super mcchanical properties and ideal polishing effects.
As an ideal model for in vitro es cells differentiation ebs recapitulate many aspects of the lineage specific differentiation programs and temporal and spatial gene expression patterns of early embryogenesis.
Two children is the ideal number as promoted by family planning in hong kong.