His business seems to be flourishing.
Would he not suddenly sink into the earth leaving a barren and blasted spot where in due course of time would be seen deadly nightshade dogwood henbane and whatever else of vegetable wickedness the climate could produce all flourishing with hideous luxuriance?
The dissolution of hu-han contexts is not an isochronous progress together with the flourishing and perdition of a dynasty; on the one hand it is a natural result of national conflicts and amalgamations; on the other hand the evolvement of human's notions is a vital factor of the dissolution.
Our great motherland is flourishing with each passing day.
Our communications and media industries are flourishing and closely integrated with yours.
Wu jiang city flourishingly damp hedda embroidery factory set up in1990year is a gather sale fabricate printing and dyeing fiscal stamp broiders is all-in-one lining manufacture enterprise.
Ceuta: a spanish city of northwest africa an enclave in morocco on the strait of gibraltar. A flourishing trade city under the arabs it was taken by the portuguese in1415and passed to spain in1580.
Chubby oxford shoe was added ablaze rivet and copper are buckled strung bright-coloured bootlace was full of wild animal general flourishingly vitality; real silk short skirt was regarded as doodle board by the freedom on spray paint and lively design have a kind of young interest; the yuan end that hand draw is on tapestry satin skirt is beautiful dim and beautiful; and the metallic color of those unbridled fastens skirt unlined upper garment to having bizarre geometrical figure cast off
Mammals were flourishing and flowering plants developed and radically changed the landscape.
The company is located in the flourishing yuyao langxia street in ningbo in the south of across-ocean bridge in hangzhou bay.getting close to329national road line and the yonghang highway neibouring beilun international deep water harbor and ningbo air harbor westing is80km from xiaoshan international airport in hangzhou with both convenience and fast transportation in land and sea.
The happy clear light decorations limited companies of shanghai are located to have transport facilities economically flourishing shanghai jiading ma nan industry area is producing various kind of rainbow enterprise mangaged the neon lamp series product.
He fell in love with its temperate climate its clear brooks and its flourishing trees.
It was not only the result of the athenians conquering and enslaving the non athenians but the embodiment of the growth of athenian slave owning system as well as the historical presupposition of the periclean age with flourishing economy stable political situation and prosperous culture.
A pedestrian street operating successfully must be a flourishing site.
At the turn between the19th and the20th century "the silver age" another flourishing period in russian literature came.