Three kinds of injection sleeves construction materials surface treatment and application ranges of floating end face seal ring by die casting are expounded.
Based on the thorndike trial-and-error learning and from the angle of learning table-tennis the theories of the law of readiness the law of effect and the law of exercise are further expounded.uniting the characteristics of table tennis course the inspiration of the "three laws" to table tennis course is analyzed. Furthermore how the students to enhance the efficiency of learning table tennis is primarily explored in theory.
On the basis of explaining major differences of vrla battery and common lead-acid battery it gives two methods of realizing vrla battery internal oxygen cycle expounds the features and differences of vrla batteries constituted separately by electrolyte retaining material agm and gel.
Based on the retrospection of deng xiaoping's theory's research progress the system formation of deng xiaoping's theory is expounded pointing out that it has become a new subject.
Based on to the theory of edgar dale this article expounds the importance of games in the early children's'development and made a few proposals on the early children games.
This paper fully expounds the mechanism of organic pollutant removal the reasons for low energy consumption and the kinetics of facultative bio-reaction.
The origin definition and the eaves rafter of small yards were expounded in this paper and the forms function and concepts of small yards in the traditional local-style dwelling houses were compared and analyzed in detail so as to give some enlightenment to the layout of architectural space.
This paper expounds the etiology and psychobiology mechanism of coronary heart disease and its prevention& treatment which may have some guiding significance to rehabilitation for the elderly in modern community medical care.
This article expounds chinese savvy art of lay more particular emphasize on spiritual than formal form chinese humanistic value which stress on sense false and true idiographic image.
Basing on the fuzzy set theory this paper has analysed the meaning and the elements of the core competitive capacity of enterprises assumed the evaluation index system upbuilt the mathematics models for fuzzy system evaluating expounded the need of evaluating the core competitiveness before the transfer from the east failing mine to the west energy concentrative place evaluated the core competitive capacity of a large failing mine and provided demonstration and transferring selection.
The method that measuring horzontal component of the earth magnetic field with digital quantometer is introdnces the computational formule are given systematic error are discussed the advantages of the this method with tangent galvanometer measuring horizontal component of the earth magnetic field are simply expounded.
Yi hwang who in general inherits zhu xi's thought develops his concept of "four origins and seven emotions" based on li and qi theory and brings forth his argument on "different origins of li and qi" and yi raises the issue to an ontological height and expounds the difference between "four origins and seven emotions" from an ultimate angle.
Adam smith and marx expound respectively the issue of primitive accumulation from different angles.
On the basis of summarizing the ethnic ideas of former greeks aristotle according to the greek actual demand in his time expounded what the differences were between greeks and barbaric races why barbaric races were accustomed to servility how the servility of barbaric races influenced their autocracy and why the greeks'keeping barbaric races in bondage were valid and so on.
Taking the dynamic compaction of new part product oilcan foundation in dalian as an example this paper expounds the dynamic compaction method for reinforcing the foundation of large-scale oiltank.