Suitable for finishing& dyeing tests in labortory such as resin finishing hand feel color change etc.
Rope dyeing normally used on yarn dyeing for garment denim fabrics.and optical whitening process on knitted fabrics.
Cashmere products are often dyed with acid mordant dyes.the paper introduces the process of dyeing cashmere products with mordant black pv and the method for testing chromium content of cashmere products thus dyed and it also analyzes the pollution to cashmere products caused by mordant in the dyeing process which serve as the scientific basis for the research and development of eco-friendly cashmere products.
The feasibility of magnetic printing manufacture for terry fabric with tie dyeing imitation effect is expounded.
Systematically investigates the dyeing behaviours of cation-modified spun silk dyed with reactive dyes with its optimum dyeing process determined.
Use: this machine is suitable for various socks glove and other scattered slices that need dyeing at high temperature fabric result and color that worked by this machine is well color fastness is tall.
It is a stoving equipment of shrinkage test in cotton textile dyeing and clothes trade.
Continuous pretreatment process of desizing and scouring and bleaching for cvc elastic khaki drills was adopted and then mercerizing and dyeing and finishing.
With metal salts and organic acids as mordant the dyeing properties of madder fabric dyed with sorghum red a natural dye were studied using pre-mordant and post-mordant methods.
Nicotinic acid was used ass catalyst in neutral-bath dyeing of silk with monochlorotriazine reactive dye and the effect of nicotinic acid amount dyeing temperature dyeing time and concentration of electrolyte on exhaustion and fixation was discussed respectively.
Sodium chlorate is a kind of mineral salt which has wide use in bleaching dyeing etc.
To solve the problem of adverse influence on the environment exerted by the residue dye liquid from traditional dyeing of wool with acid mordant dyes by after-chroming and to lessen the pressure of chromium-containing waste water treatment the dyeing method was modified by adopting two-bath dyeing technique in which the initial dyeing liquid and mordant dyeing liquid could be used in the recycled way thus saving dyestuff and reducing the drainage of chromium-containing waste water.
The printing and dyeing wastewater is difficulty to treat because of its characteristics such as large water volume high concentration organic pollutant deep chromaticity high alkalinity changeable water quality and complex ingredient.
Based on dyeing methods of sappanwood application of sappanwood as natural plant dyestuff in natural silk soybean-protein fibre ramie and wool fabric was listed implying some problems of natural plant dyestuffs and future application of sappanwood dyestuff was foreseen.
This advanced dyeing technology can make the products unfading.