English-Chinese Translation of dna


    deoxyribonucleic acid 脱氧核糖核酸;Distributed interNet Applications Architecture,分布式网络应用程序体系结构

English-Chinese Translation Examples of dna

What troubles me most about this is not the workshop or platitudinous questionnaire.it is the dna bit.
Tips are certified sterile dnase- rnase- and pyrogen-free to prevent sample contamination.
Representational difference analysis of dna sequences related to cartap resistance in diamondback moth plutella xylostella l.
The genetic material of the new virus is arranged in a similar fashion encoded in circular double-stranded dna and the virus's five proteins have similarities to the proteins of other polyoma viruses.
Study on the recombinant dna vaccine coexpressing newcastle disease virus f gene and chicken il-2
A virion consists of a protein coat surrounding one or more strands of dna or rna.
Sodium benzoate has the ability to switch off vital parts of a person's dna according to research from a british university.
Probes obtained by pcr and a24bp oligo dna fragment from pseudomonas sp.61-3 phbc sequence were hybridized with p.pseudoalkaligenese ys1bac library based on dot blotting and southern blotting. A positive transformant named as ph22-e5whose foreign fragment is about5kb was subcloned.
In this way tracers used to study amino acid uptake protein synthesis dna synthesis cell proliferation changes of other substrates of tricarboxylic aciol cycle metabolism tumor hypoxia immunological activity and receptor are expected to be new tumor imaging agent.
Because of its structure and relative stability dna can be tested even after mixture with acids bases gasoline oil or bleach.
The dnd phenotype was also found in dna of mycobacterium smegmatis mc2155by pfge.
The antitumor activity hydrolysis binding characters to dna and proteins of ruthenium complexes are briefly reviewed.
Only13of the mitochondrion's component proteins are encoded by its own dna.
Effect of prestroke dna immunization against neurite growth inhibitors on the neurological improvement following local cerebral ischemia jasmine lee jill wong wan loo tan
Recent studies show that dna transfer and recombination technology provides great potential for genetic improvement of zoysiagrasses; molecular linkage maps were constructed from zoysia japonica and its hybrids with zoysia matrella; the researches on gene cloning and gene resource are in progress.

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