English-Chinese Translation of disapproving


    adj showing disapproval 表示反对的: a disapproving look, frown, etc 不以为然的样子、 皱起眉头表示不赞成. disapprovingly adv: When I suggested a drink, she coughed disapprovingly. 我提议喝一杯时, 她咳了一下表示反对

English-Chinese Translation Examples of disapproving

我提议喝一杯时, 她咳了一下表示反对
When I suggested a drink, she coughed disapprovingly.
Seeing no broad black face turbaned in snowy white peering disapprovingly from between fluttering curtains she boldly snatched up her green flowered skirts and sped down the path toward the driveway as fast as her small ribbon-laced slippers would carry her.
My parents were slightly disapproving of the bohemian life that ellen led.
On the podium j? Eric humphrey stood impassively waiting for the disapproving chorus to subside.
It would have been only courteous to kneel at the proper time as all did since I had voluntarily come; but for all the disapproving glances I the stiff-necked jew would not kneel.
Murphy shook his head disapprovingly.

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