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English-Chinese Translation Examples of democratic

Social democratic party won few seats.
People's democratic republic of yemen;
Talk with the delegation from the party of the national liberation front of the democratic people's republic of algeria april211980
After12years in control the republicans who took power with gingrich promising to sweep out a calcified and ethically bankrupt democratic leadership found themselves perceived as becoming what they had tried to expunge.
Other scattered races in the region yielded few surprises.but in yonkers where a sea change in government also is pending with the election of the first mayor under a new charter eliminating the powerful city manager position the incumbent henry spallone was a distant third in the democratic primary.
The democratic and humanistic principles of early zionism.
Politic participations of the civil is the necessary content in developing socialistic democratic politics.
Harmonious society of socialism is that democratic rule by law impartial justice sincerity believe friendly affection are full of a vigour stabilize the society who has order human being and the nature to be harmonious to get along with.
Spinoza argued that the democratic system was the best of all the forms of government.
The crucial cause why traditional absolute monarchic politics is finally replaced by modern representative democratic politics is the special characteristic of the production form and political value of the capitalist system: in comparison of production forms and political values of the slave owning system and the feudal system it has more great capacities of value increment and operation mechanism to push forward the social progress.
The ruling social democratic party has been in power for ten years.
The sophist protagoras came to the democratic city of athens in order to educate human beings or teach for pay the art of administering well the affairs of one's household and of the city by deed and by speech the political art.
The basic course of social development and change hi china was represented by the full formation and the ceasing of semicolonial and semifeudal society the generation of new democratic society and the establishment of socialist society.
The president asked the social democratic party to form a new government.
In an unfair way seek personal gains and privileges by abusing his power or even violate laws and disciplines the villagers could depose him through democratic procedures.

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