n.裂缝,噼啪声 v.(使)破裂,裂纹,(使)爆裂 adj.最好的,高明的


The crack down comes after the death of the seven year old french girl who ate the psychedelic fungi and jumped from a building.
After mountains collapse and the rocks crack followed a deafening thunder monkey king sun wukong was born.
One day to the joyful surprise of the pair there appeared in the party wall a tiny crack through which they could murmur endearments and even exchange sweet kisses.
Some manufacturers use fiber reinforcement to control plastic shrinkage and thermal cracking.
A flammable gas obtained by cracking petroleum; used in organic synthesis.
More importantly it exhibits higher light yield and lower coke yield in the rfcc reaction while using daqing resid as feedstock compared with the general industrial catalyst lbo-16.therefore the catalyst could be considered as a better catalyst for resid fluid catalytic cracking.
The corelation between acoustic emission characteristics and their fracture toughness has been investigated in this paper based on the study of high-strength aluminum alloy cracking process by using advanced acoustic emission experiment system and smooth tensile specimens as well as dcb specimens with premade cracks.
Because not only a wolf ran after him but also three even more did that.they cracked tooth with extremely vicious and was good at one with another.
How many crack'd by the over violent heat of the sun being set out too hastily; and how many fell in pieces with only removing as well before as after they were dry'd;
Not too far in the future science will crack the water atom for nuclear energy and before then power will be coming from harnessing tides and thermal exchanges under water.
Knock it on arm and the body of it will resonate and crack. It's hard on surface which can't be moved by swiss sword! Strange?
Stringer webs have cracked in suspension bridges at the stringer-floor beam connections.
Only instead of sand in your crack you get dollar bills.
With careful planning and stepped-up surveillance and intelligence gathering the task force cracked down on such premises and prevented quantities of contaminated meat from reaching the market.
Liaoning works from the natural system from the jade wear hard wear-resistant with fat and wax-like luster the clear bright color without impurities no sand heart no crack; cool very full head!