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English-Chinese Translation Examples of city

The outside of the house needs painting.
Smog hung in the sky (over the city).
A city divided against itself can't stand.
An atom bomb would destroy a city.
"他真卑鄙,阿亚图拉真卑鄙,居然下了死刑令," 葛德华在市政府说。 "如果他[拉什迪]没有这一通广告,他的书一定会滞销。我听说那本书非常枯燥。现在他会赚进数百万,不过我希望他能活着用这笔钱。"
"He is so vile, the Ayatollah, vile to impose the death sentence, " said Koch at City Hall. "If he(Rushdie) hadn't gotten this advertising it would be on remainder, because I'm told it's such a dull book. Now he'll make multi-millions of dollars, but
A man who has become conditioned to the life in the country may feel quite at a loss in the city.
It is a scandal for a city official to take tax money for his own use.
Presently she recognized that she was already in the outskirts of the city.
"共和党员们在市政厅搞了一场恶作剧。" "是吗?"
"The Republicans have pulled a trick at City Hall." "Is that so?"
The icbc officials said they were in talks to buy into bank halim indonesia a small bank based in the east java city of surabaya.
"Our city's energy efficiency work has no element of being a last-minute rush" it begins somewhat defensively.
Borgert put up some makeshift defense on the main road coming into the city "and I can tell you though I'd rather not what kinds of group I gathered from the streets to man that barricade."
Forty-six-year-old juan wilfredo soto was detained by the police last thursday during a protest in the central city of santa clara.
"Exurb: a region lying beyond the suburbs of a city especially one inhabited principally by wealthy people."
"Dalton: a city of northwest georgia southeast of chattanooga tennessee.it is an industrial center in an agricultural region."

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