adj.中国的,中国人的,中国话的,汉语的 n.中国人,中国话,汉语,中文


Third this meeting other each lawfully earned income.and everywhere patriotic overseas chinese people and people from all walks of life's subsidization.
Third the chinese market has opened wider to the outside world.
The three generals formed a loose union among themselves which became popularly known in china as the white fox alliance-a term derived from the similarity in sounds between their names and the chinese characters for an animal with magical powers known as paihuli.
It was a prominent example that in greeting american guests shanghai provincial governor supplied eight-men-carried sedan and chinese traditional banquet.
Shanghai hexinyuan sanatorium is a holiday resort catering for both chinese and foreingners.
Last month the maritime self-defense forces went on alert when a nuclear-powered chinese navy submarine passed through japanese territorial waters near taiwan.
Walking into the room a young boy in traditional chinese clothing smiled and flashed the peace sign to nearby photographers.
An executive reportedly apologized for maligning chinese manufacturers in the course of toy recalls but the company said the remarks were misconstrued.
In the mining world there aren't many big players from among chinese corporations'one investment banker says.
A chinese government official says up to100million poor people are not receiving state assistance because the official poverty line is set too low.
A series of communication activity symposium chinese language course is with the special subject academic chair.
Some article assaulted korean begin to spread among chinese netizen.
Some wheat cultivars containing resistance gene ccn-1 such as festiguay and aus10894 which are resistant to pathotype hal3 were susceptible to the chinese population and6oats and5barley accessions from australia were highly resistant.
When some chinese idioms are tramslated into english their meanings may startle some english readers.
A few food reducing weight added the thyroid hormone of taboo it can enhance metabolization rate but can bring a heartbeat to accelerate at the same time the bad influence such as palpitate; some add heat having qing dynasty go the chinese herbal medicine of wet effect essence is to pass diuresis decrease water and make weight drops the surface sees the effect that reduce weight very good but cause the electrolyte inside body easily disorder affect kidney function even.