English-Chinese Translation of chart


    n.海图,图表 vt.制图

English-Chinese Translation Examples of chart

As there is not enough time for us to charter a ship the only idea we have is to transship.
Working with the mineral kingdom to learn missing tones see "language of light and minerals" for a complete chart in text format.
"Doughnut.like a pie chart but can contain multiple series."
In power point copy the entire slide that contains the chart.
Having before you all the information outlined above you would certainly have gone short of may soy beans on dec21953and cover your shorts on dec17at296because the price was down to the45degree angle from44on the monthly high and low chart.
Selects chart series cells in spreadsheet.
In the case of tactics plan fighting against a group of air targets shows the flow chart of campaign simulation some math models such as movement and pose model of our warship and targets yawp model system calculate model online evaluating of fighting effect and so on.
Stock with no par value specified kin the corporate charter or on the stock certificate.
Prior to commencing the elevator works submit for the engineer's approval a staff organization chart with details of experience and qualifications of all engineers foremen and welders proposed for such work with substantiating documents.
Using a field original is "must pensile" the apparent office that running a place otherwise you may be punished because of not pensile charter; carbon uses those who use at going out to conduct business commonly for instance: conduction bank opens an account company code card sign a contract to wait a moment.
It's hard for you to charter a flight at such short time.
In this year 1817 two things were popular: the voltaire-touquet and the snuff-box a la charter.
Other scattered races in the region yielded few surprises.but in yonkers where a sea change in government also is pending with the election of the first mayor under a new charter eliminating the powerful city manager position the incumbent henry spallone was a distant third in the democratic primary.
Made-in-china-----enters bombay "never end three-dimensional gallery" is the integration of the chart the article the sound the light and the electricity let the indian see the high effectiveness the prestige the quality and the fast development civilized footsteps of chinese manufacturing industry directly also is the work platform for the bilateral trade mutual benefits.
As buyer you is to charter a ship or book a shipping space.

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