... The moon threw a spirited and enticing brightness upon the fantastic figures of the mumming band.
Contain the abundant hair slice the water for water for repair and maintenance essence and aloe ocean camomile withdrawing the liquid the composition of sour etc.nourishment can on each hair formation first wet mask of layer nourishment the preventing showing the hair run off locking the tight protein increasing the skin layer and make the hominess the layer formation protect the mask and keep the nutrient and is smooth the hair health and the brightness shine on the person.
The paper also provides a brief analysis of the mechanism of acidification in inhibiting brightness reversion of poplar apmp pulp.
I bring my overflowing happiness and greeting secretly to you and wish the candle of yourl ife ever-bright.may your every ordinary day radiates sparks of brightness and every ray lefts you an unforgettable sweetness.
Tonality depends on the reflected brightness of the terrain and can be electronically measured.
With the en polarity time increasing the liquid metal of welding rod end congregates and its diameter increases which shows the arc effect of en polarity for welding rod consumable arc creeps up and the brightness of arc column region decreases with en polarity of ac pmig welding and the brightness of arc column region increases with background level of ep polarity.this kind of ac arc is propitious to reduce the arc plasma jet force and the arc force on molten pool.
His erhu pieces included groaning in sickness bird calls on the lonely mountain moonlit night fine night and brightness and his pipa pieces included song-and-dance prologue and reform.
To add complexity and brightness ethiopian harrar kenyan yemen mocha zimbabwe and zambian coffees are used.
The brightness of a tungsten filament depends on the intensity of the electrical current that flows through it.
The brightness or luminance of an object is defined as the luminous flux emitted per unit area of the object into unit solid angle.
From the optimized multi-layer device bright and green emission from terbium complex was obtained with the highest el brightness of the device of213cdm-2at13.5v.
More bulbs in the series circuit will decrease their brightness. A smaller current will flow.
The temperature of the planckian radiator whose perceived color most closely resembles that of a given stimulus at the same brightness and under specified viewing conditions.
Calculating optimal brightness contrast and gamma...
As long as light falls on the two materials the photovoltaic battery can continue to provide voltage and current.the current can be used to measure the brightness of the light or as a source of power as in a solar cell.