The bronze face the shaggy black hair and beard the coarse woollen red cap the rough medley dress of home-spun stuff and hairy skins of beasts the powerful frame attenuated by spare living and the sullen and desperate compression of the lips in sleep inspired the mender of roads with awe.
The artillery could only attenuate somewhat the force of the attack.
Yet once it dives into the sea the communication between the submarine and the water surface or the headquarters becomes extremely difficult because the water would attenuate the electromagnetic wave highly.
Milk thistle has no major hepatotoxic effects and n-acetylcysteine an agent used to attenuate acetaminophen-mediated hepatotoxicity is also unlikely to be a factor in his illness.
They chose a bovine rotavirus because it grew well in culture and was thought to be naturally attenuated in humans.
Entangled objects behave as if they were connected with one another no matter how far apart they are-distance does not attenuate entanglement in the slightest.
The disks attenuate approximately50% 75% and99% of the signal respectively.
The radon transform and attenuated radon transform are reviewed and a new method of proof of the tretiak metz results is presented.for a general object the inverse attenuated radon transform is derived by means of transform techniques but non filtered backprojection method.
Reducing diet fat combined with endurance training could increase insulin receptor binding and tpk activity attenuate insulin resistance and decrease body fat content to the level of the controlled rats.
Conclusion sodium salicylate can par-tially attenuate the hearing loss caused by blast.
The titer of specific antibodies to pseudorabies attenuated vaccine the proliferation of lymphocytes and induced il-2activities were assessed.the results showed that the above-mentioned immune response of the piglets to vaccine with different dosages of cpg motifs added was significantly stronger than conventional immunization.
The ultrastructure of myocardium showed attenuated injury.
Leaves crowded on upper part of branches oblanceolate 4-5.5cm long 1.5-2cm wide apex acute and mucronate base attenuate margin slightly revolute obscurely glaucous beneath; petiole0.5-1cm long.
Omni sampler the attenuated total reflection accessory of the fourier transform infrared spectrometer was used to analyze the infrared spectrum of chloride butyl rubber and brominized butyl rubber bottle closures used as medical and pharmaceutical package.
In addition radial displacement attenuates with the increaseof viscous damping coefficient.