They have painted the living room and tidied the garden in order to sell the house but it's really only window dressing because the roof needs attention and the electric wiring is still unsafe.
Our attention to welfare is supported with well-defined policies that ensure a safe and healthy working environment while valuing our employees'right to privacy.
Fifth equal attention has been attached to improving material civilization and socialist culture and ethnics.
Let's turn our attention to this gentleman-the masked shrike.
In a general way people think evaporite-generation environment isn't benefit for source rock sedimentation so enough attention isn't paged to its hydrocarbon-generation potential for this source lock.
One way is to select uncomplicated backgrounds that will not steal attention from your subjects.
Mile after mile it was like an invisible force drawing my attention toward the edge of the road where the soft shoulder gave way to thin air. I tried everything I could think of.
Listen to the tape carefully.pay attention to pronunciation phrasing and intonation.
However when it came to the media's attention it quickly became a major talking point in the education circles.
We christen hong de home because we are initiate a kind of idea to promote the social ethics expand the principle of the morals attach importance to instruct the children how to pay attention to the character accomplishment lay emphasize on the thanksgiving offer the diligence pays we make great contributions to assist the social's weak mass whole life.
The increased consumption of non-staple food shows that the food mix of china's urban and rural residents is being optimized and greater attention has been attached to nutrition.
A prime mover often gets most of the attention-and possibly the rewards-but it is the winning combination of skills formed by a partnership of players that is the most likely formula for success.
Judging a contest with a single eye; a single devotion to duty; undivided affection; gained their exclusive attention.
Has not solved the riddle as the present pyramid still is attracting the multitudinous scientist's attention and the interest.
Chitin is a natural polymer that has rich resources its research and development have been paid much attention to in the world the dea cetylation product of which-chitosan is widely used for its distinctive physico chemical and biological characteristics.