vt.达到,获得 v.达到


I don't want our management to believe that they are the chosen people goading a gang of ignorant subordinates to attain something remarkable.
I used the scientific method to attain this end.
Expect in the goods regardless quality be still on the price after-sales service we all will keep in the middle of go together of advantage position real attain the ream customer satisfaction.
Significant achievements have been attained in marine transportation development since the founding of new china especially since the implementation of reform and opening to the outside world.
If I attain great wealth I will remember one unfed mouth.
A person who is unfilial to his parents and disrespectful to his elders cannot possibly attain blessings and protection.
Pearl therefore--so large were the attainments of her three years'lifetime--could have borne a fair examination in the new england primer or the first column of the westminster catechisms although unacquainted with the outward form of either of those celebrated works.
Malodorous tropical plant having a spathe that resembles the corolla of a morning glory and attains a diameter of several feet.
Unanimity was attained after the discussion ended after three hours.
During the course of the upstroke the membrane potential attains zero and an electrical gradient no longer exists.
Under all experimental conditions the humid air at the saturator outlet approaches or has attained saturation.
China has seemed a mirror image of the developed world in recent weeks with a soaring local stock market attaining record highs and a central bank draining liquidity from the financial system while their offshore counterparts deliver emergency injections of cash.
Photoresist technology is the important constitute of exposure technology high performance resolution can be attained by using high performance exposure tools with matched high performance photoresist.
Through this industrial experiment on disposing alkali paper-pulping black liquor with bagasse by recovery to inspecting the reliability about the technics conditions and the dependability of the equipments and its stability to attain the turnout and qualities about the byproducts during treating the black liquor to provide the foundations for industrialization of the achievement.
Have taken part in two vendition& market development fund-raising project gave counsel and organized team members attained the anticipate goal.