单词O, o的英汉翻译

O, o

    n (pl O's, o's ) 1 the fifteenth letter of the English alphabet 英语字母表的第十五个字母: There are two O's in Oxford. 在Oxford一词中有两个O. 2 O-shaped sign or mark O形符号或记号: The child's mouth formed a big O in surprise. 那孩子惊奇得张著嘴像个大O字. 3 (in saying telephone, etc numbers aloud) zero; nought (说电话等号码时的)0, 零: `My number is six o double three', ie 6033. `我的号码是6033.' * `He's in room one o two', ie 102. `他在102号房间.' =>Usage at nought 用法见 nought

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