English-Chinese Translation of Lorentz


    Hendrik Antoon Lorentz 洛伦兹

English-Chinese Translation Examples of Lorentz

As a component of lorentz force.
But ampere force is lorentz force nature.
According to the relation between ampere force and lorentz force a discussion is in progress from the three aspects including collision mechanism hall electric field and force-bearing of lattice ion in the condoctors.the conclusion that the microcosmic mechanism of ampere force is the composite force system accepted by the cation in lattice is drawn.
In this work the ferromagnetic plate was detected by lamb waves generated and received by emats and the lorentz force and magnetostrictive effect as conversion principles were discussed.
This paper puts forward a new interpretation for the relation between apmere force and lorentz force: ampere force essentially is the reacting force of motional free electrons as directional driftting on the charges producing hall electric field.
I am not sure I understand what you mean.by definition any physical state transform under some representation of lorentz group.
The esb spectra of pa are found to be singlet and lorentz.
The lorentz symmetry of spacetime forms the core of relativity.
The lorentz line random band model exponential-tailed s-1line trength distribution function and curtis-godson approximation are used to express the ransmissivity.
The lightly i2doped rare-earth pa esb retains singlet lorentz lineshape and g factor constant until i2dopant concentration> 2mol% at which doped level the esb signal disappeared.
This paper makes a further analysis of the traditional opinion about ampere force that is the macroscopic showing of lorentz force and it demonstrates that microscopic nature of ampere force is composition of electric field forces applied by hall electric field which is caused by lorentz forces for the positive ions at the crystal lattice of the conductor in magnetic field.

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