senior engineer; advanced engineer

senior [si:niә(r)]

engineer [endʒi'niә(r)]

advanced [әd'va:nst]


The grinding machine raises the precision of the workpiece and improves its surface finish.
Its main functions are participating in political consultation on major state policies and important issues concerning the people's life and conducting democratic supervision over the cpc and people's government through suggestions and criticisms so as to help the state organs to improve their work raise work efficiency and overcome bureaucracy.
It is an important reform for school record certificate management to carry out electronic registration in higher adult education and also it will have the positive effect on the scientific management standardization ceasing the false card defending school prestige and benefit and so on.because the work started late and the time is short we must carry on the positive discussion in order to complete this work and to raise the level of the work.
If they jack up the wage rates they'll have to cut down on expenditure somewhere else.
Abstract: the production consumption and trade of industrial grade silicon at home and abroad are introduced and the measures of expanding production of chemical silicon popularizing and doing well in refining with oxygen blowing utilizing coal instead of charcoal and utilizing carbon electrode etc.are proposed to raise industrial grade silicon enterprises benefits at the present situation.
Yang jianchen senior engineer bachelor's degree deputy general manager of joint-stock company and director of preparatory office of thermoelectricity plant engaged in specialized supervisory work for electric power every year.
On the basis of brief introduction of danjiangkou dam extension project which is in the middle route water resources project of the south-to-north water diversion the present construction methods and existing problems about key technology of increased artificial concrete keyway of jointing surface between new concrete and existing concrete are analyzed and a new construction method by saw-cutting and static crack for construction of concrete keyway is researched.
The quality of process planning can be enhanced and product seedtime can be shortened using capp.
Lan and integrated wiring system: improve working efficiency and realize office automation.
Spend some time each day planning your work.learn to zero in on the most productive activities.do the most important things first.
Be like will number a dish of shape piece of milling cutter point cover process gear's week section from become implode on knife rest proceed rough machining can great enhance efficiency.
Iii.for expenses items incurred overseas by domestic transportation enterprises in conducting transportation business considering it is difficult to judge in time whether such fees fall into the scope requiring submission of tax certificate to improve the efficiency and not to hinder the normal business of the transportation industry with regard to these expenses enterprises need not submit relevant tax certificate when purchasing and paying foreign exchanges.
Use equipment can simplify production technology raise work efficiency overall material utilization factor has high precision and good strength high enterprise economic benefits are notable.
To improve sf and wp some measures should be taken such as proper handling the relation among property reform enterprise reform and employee work arrangement reforming distribution system constructing a value consistent aim system between organization and employee paying attention to outer and inner inspirations.
We must raise our working efficiency.