high position
    eminent status
    top job

high [hai]
    n.高度,高处 adj.高的,高原的,高等的,高音的,傲慢的,高尚的,昂贵的,严重的 adv.高度地,奢侈地,高价地

job [dʒәub]
    n.工作,零活,<口>职位,事情,<圣经>约伯,极有耐心的人 vi.做零工,打杂,做股票经纪,假公济私 vt.代客买卖(股票,货物等),批发,承包,欺骗


Since the end of1980 "s geologists have paid more and more attention to the tropical woody and domed peats and peatland in southeast asia have got generous data and observation results and have opened up a new prospect in correlation of peat with coal-forming environment.
Alternatively you could try to reset your phone manually back to your local network or move to higher ground to improve the signal strength.
Heightened concerns about rising interest rates left equity markets vulnerable to profit taking having traded around their record highs and accordingly stocks were volatile.
Certain people are preordained to a higher status by an omniscient god.
On the contrary an object reaches its lowest position when passing through the semi-circle which includes the nadir and the nearest celestial pole and this phenomenon is called lower culmination.
The top bit of the appropriate nibble selects the channel.
He not only affronted the town with insinuations of venality on the part of men in high places and slurs on the courage of the men in the field but he took pleasure in tricking the dignified citizenry into embarrassing situations.
She followed her way of odyssey step by step and got to the top of heap in the section.
Perfect man-machine engineering unscrew perch pin ensures reliable connection.
They proclaimed a fast and set naboth on high among the people.
He made a cautious forecast that china's price level would remain high and that the growth rate would slow down.
The yuhuashan rock body in jiangxi is a high-level composite plutonic complex which hascompositional and structual evolutionary sequences.
The radix point in the decimal numeration system.the decimal point may be represented according to various conventions by a comma by a period or by a point at the mid-height of the digits.
The life-form spectrum plant kinds vertical structure and horizontal structure of oka nutural secondary forest in baotianman national reserve were preliminary analyzed which has produced the more conjecture: the vertical distribution in the area is obvious; the kinds of phanphytes plants in the community is the most; the q.variabilis and q.variabilis are on predominance ground.
In the west the media has greater impact; people in top positions are forced to resign if they misbehave.