sacrum (anatomy)
    bone forming the base of the spinal column

sacrum [seikrәm]

forming ['fɔ:miŋ]

base [beis]
    n.底部,基础,根据地,基地,本部,基数,(运动)出发点 vt.以...作基础,基于... adj.卑鄙的,低级的

spinal [spain(ә)l]
    adj.脊骨的,脊髓的 n.脊椎麻醉


Conclusion: the pathway net of vascular nerve terminal receptor in mainly composed of sympathetic ganglion postganglionic fiber and parasympathetic nerve the ascending pathway net can reach to spinal ganglia and spine and the descending pathway net can reach to sarcolemma of sacral spinal muscle tracheal intima and adventitia myocardial intima and adventitia renal glomerulus ansa of intracutaneous blood capillary and artery walls.
Conclusions: the early clinical manifestations of jas includes peripheral arthritis coax pain thews end inflammatory and thenar pain and stiffness and pain of back.
Conclusion tcs~ s diagnosis includes lumbar-sacral malformations spinal neurological impairment typical mir findings.
Conclusion differential sacral nerve anterior root rhizotomy is a good and effective method to treat spastic bladder after spinal cord injury.
Clinical main symptoms is the stiffness and pain of the lumbar sacro ack cervical spine and hip even affect to the hypochondria and anterior part of thorax.
Objective: in order to provide anatomical b asis for n eve root anastomosis in vertebral canal to the paraplegia patients with fracture and dislocation of the1st lumbar vertebra and to investigate the number of av ailable lumbosacral nerve roots above the level of lower edge of t12verte bra and its correlation to the terminal position of conus medullaris.
Objective to observe the morphologic characters of the sacral foramina for providing anatomic foundation for operation on the sacrum.
Anus of internal piles emergence has the feeling with straining feeling and endless defecate can accompany next abdomen bilge painful or lumbar di ministry is blunt painful reach the symptom such as frequent micturition.
Allow the energy of the kundahlini to blow out of the front and back of this chakra region cleansing the sacrum thighs and lower buttocks of blockages and stuck energies.
The results suggest that5-ht were involved in the regulation of the pelvic visceral nociceptive information in the lumbosacral dcn and iml of the rat.
Before the operative field in the region of the lower lumbar spine sacroiliac joints or buttocks is prepared the gluteal cleft is sponged with alcohol and sterile dry gauze is inserted about the anus so that iodine or other solutions are prevented from running down to this region causing dermatitis.
Put a hand on beneficiary's shoulder stroke with another hand from shoulder blade to either side of the small of the back.
O names no pack drill.
Diagnosis of spina bifida requires the systematic examination of each neural arch from the cerical to the sacral region both transersely and longitudinally.
The most draw-stress of both edge were40mpa and31mpa and were3.1times of the sacrum.