to check on receipt
    an inventory of received goods
    to verify and accept (a delivery)

check [tʃek]
    n.阻止,制止,控制,阻止物,支票,检讫的记号,饭馆的帐单 vt.检查,制止,核对,寄存,托运 vi.证明无误,核对无误,逐项相符,[象棋]将军

inventory [invәntәri; (-) 'invәntɔ:ri]

received [ri'si:vd]

verify [verifai]
    vt.检验,校验,查证,核实 [计] 打开或关闭文件的读写校验

accept [әk'sept]
    vt.接受,认可,承担,承兑 vi.同意,承认

delivery [di'livәri]
    n.递送,交付,分娩,交货,引渡 n.[律] 财产等的正式移交 发送,传输


Rework or changing inspection lot of appliances equipment: inspection and test shall be carried out again and it shall be reported to supervision organ for re-inspection and re-acceptance; safety and quality dept.of the project makes quality inspection and acceptance record.
The parameter selection and model acceptance test of the feilaixia hydropower station all have reached satisfied results.
This paper presents the turbine model acceptance test and the test results of feilaixia hydropower station.
Inspection re-inspection and test of procured materials inspection and preliminary examination of procedure quality and inspection of concealed works quality acceptance record inspection of batch works sub-item works part works and unit works inspection and management of subcontracted works occasional spot test of construction technology department handover and record of client-provided product.
Its standard volume has been up to2275.82liters with the reproducibility of> 0.02percent defined in accordance with cnpc acceptance test and calibration done by metering and testing research institute liaoning province.both the sensitivity and reliability of the control system are found to meet the requirements of jjg209-80inspection and calibration regulation.
After a comprehensive inspection the assessment team all agreed to officially open this special port.
6.to Establish a responsibility system for check and acceptance of construction.
Please check the alignment of the shafting.
If there is some quality problem in the finished products or the production schedule must be changed the operation department should notify the storage department to change the sailing date five days before.
Selection of a presumptive bond stress for preliminary anchor sizing should consider the risk of failing proof tests if the selected bond stress was to be used for final design.
The witness sampling and inspection shall be executed for the test block test piece and materials involved in the structural safety as per the stipulations and unified standard for construction quality acceptance of building engineering shall be implemented.
All remaining payments shall be made by letters o f credit t o be o pened in fav o r o f the contractor the detailed c o nditi o ns o f which are described in appendix8b "acceptance and payment schedule" and appendix8f "f o rm o f letter o f credit".
The customer or construction contractor shall procure and maintain erection all risk insurance covering physical loss or damage to the works or equipment at the construction site after equipment was accepted occurring prior the provisional acceptance of the facilities with coverage for the contractor's liability in respects of any defects occurring during the guarantee period.
Follow up and monitor manufacturing process inspect and accept the finished components of wind turbine; supervise the fulfillment of specifications and relative standards.
Summarized wood chip industry technology equipment storage packing check and acceptance quality required present problems and its development in china.?