to parrot
    to crib
    to copy sb's action or words

copy [kɔpi]
    n.副本,拷贝,摹仿,一册 v.复印,复制,拷贝,抄袭

action [ækʃ(ә)n]
    n.动作,作用,战斗,行动,举动,行为,(戏剧或书中)的情节,(某一地区、领域或团体中)最能产生效果、最有趣、最有刺激性的活动 vt.对...起诉

words [wə:dz]


Pit remediation& slop oil industrial water cutting& cooling oils hexavalent chromium acid& alkali with heavy metal content steel mill& electro filter dust spent catalysts tempering salts solvents recovery and recycling sludge treatment and minimization fuel-blending thermal desorption and transfer centres.
Active carbon fiber can be used to treat organic gas.the disposal effect is influenced by the performance of adsorption and desorption of absorb matter existing in gas in the active carbon fiber.
The result shows that chemical properties and matter constituent of coal surface are no changed adsorption and desorption of the coal samples in aef well accord with langmuir equation and two constants empirical formula and because coal potential energy is increased and coal temperature is raised caused by joule heat effect adsorption ability of coal is decreased and the desorption process is slowed down in aef.
But suddenly the home guard gave a cheer and it was taken up by the other uniformed guests.
At best a lover can only echo the words of the poet ernest dowson and say "I have been faithful to thee in my fashion.
Why do you always have to echo back his opinions like that?
Intrigued as to why participants had gone along with the majority asch interviewed them after the experiment.their answers are probably very familiar to all of us:
He echoes other toyota executives in alluding to the possibility of future hybrids that would combine diesel-electric or hydrogen fuel cells and electric power.
"Py jingo!" Was hans's contribution. "Not mineself either."
The echo of public sentiment in congress was inevitable.
No correlations of hydrogen's chemisorption with other physicochemical techniques have been reported.
In the meantime temperature profiles of bed were investigated in adsorption and decompression procedure by the adiabatic experiment and the coincidence between temperature wave and concentration wave was observed.
In the meantime coating of this kind of ability in swimming still can be sucked add the harmful material element with surface of wrap up film avoid the harm that its volatilize to be brought to human body.
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