to pick
    to pluck
    to collect

collect [kɔlekt]
    v.收集,聚集,集中,搜集 adj.由收件人付款的 adv.由收件人付款地


3。6。1。6厂内各分区变电所应对10kv配电装置、配电变压器、低压进线及母线分段开关、低压主要负荷回路等实现电气数据集和监控,并通过rs485数据通信接口实现同全厂电气监控中心总站之间的数据传输,分区变电所实现无人值守; Data acquisition and monitoring on10kv power distribution unit power distribution transformer lv incoming and sectional switch of bus and main lv load loop etc.in each subsection substation in the plant shall be realized and data transmission with master electrical monitoring center of the whole plant will be realized by rs485data communication interface so that subsection substations not requiring man attended can be achieved.
3.using Analytic hierarchy process delphi method and monte carl method the paper evaluates qualitative and quantitative risk.
3for High-density baptist dry conditions enrichment studies using vacuum enrichment and spray drying methods their conditions of the study the experimental results;
5.concrete Pedestals are employed for the transition between trestle and construction road.
June24 television transmitted over coaxial cable from convention hall in philadelphia to television studio in radio city new york.
This machine adopts the best advanced imported frequency conversion timing controlled technical drive.it adopts dlectrical brake setting its deendability is lofty and cutting is exact.this machine is mostly used for many quadrate foam rubber once flatly slicing.it can be continuously cutout and do not recede cutter the production efficiency is better.
Two sections of stranding cage for8-bobbin and16-bobbin are respectively driven by separate dc motors.new concept planetary back-twist mechanism is adopted.stranding pitches are adjustable steplessly.
Soil gas sampling and analysis at91sites 2235sampling points.
960只樱桃谷smⅡ商品肉鸭用3×2因子设计,研究麸皮含量和纤维素酶对15 ̄49日龄肉鸭生产性能和消化机能的影响。
960cherry Valley smii ducks were allocated to6dietary treatments arranged as a3x2factorial design and replicated4times to study the effect of wheat bran levels and cellulase on the performance and digestion function.
Bmw builds some8000z1s-each with a monocoque steel frame synthetic external skin and electrically-controlled doors which sink down into the sides of the car.
Djw pile frame one kind of pile drivers is a combination of a crawler crane and a set of pile driving device.
Application of dna gene detection technique in the micro-bial enhanced oil recovery.
The more than700employees of the fam group combine the know-how for bulk materials handling mining systems stockyard systems mineral processing loading systems conveying systems port technology and unit loads handling.
The faq-based question similarity match model is implemented by sematic sentence similarity computation which is improved by our system this model can answer frequently-asked question fastly and concisely.
In1960 an official international body recommended the use of the international system of units.