[nà me]
    variant of 那麼|那么, like that
    in that way
    or so

variant [veәriәnt]
    adj.不同的 n.变量

like [laik]
    n.爱好,同样的人(或物) adj.相似的,同样的 vt.喜欢,希望,愿意 vi.喜欢,希望 prep.象,如同 adv.可能

that [ðәt]
    adj.那,那个 pron.那,那个 conj.引导从句

so [sәu]
    conj.因而,所以,那么,这样看来 adv.[表示程度] 如此,那么,非常,很,[表示方式] 这样,那样,如此,因此 [域] Somalia ,索马里


Whitney houston did it right at the super bowl but a performer named lucy lawless had a star-spangled wardrobe malfunction-oh say you can see.off-color makes off-key seem minor.
Reuters: so would you work with madonna again?
If you scuff like that you'll wear the heels out.
The metal detector and also the pressurization of the airplane provided that it is performed correctly are no risk for either you or your baby.
If you receive funds from abroad that will be used for investment purposes or which you may wish to repatriate in the future then a non-resident baht account is the most suitable account to use.
There is no human nature in the sense of a biologically fixed substratum determining the variability of socio-cultural formations.
To say they will never attempt it again is idle and visionary; we thought so as the repeal of the stamp act yet a year or two undeceived us; as well may we suppose that nations which have been once defeated will never renew the quarrel.
If next season I am still president then for sure didier deschamps will be the trainer said the juve supremo.
He's a short-horn. I didn't expect him to show the clean hoof so fast.
My english is so bad and they don't speak portuguese.
I find it hard to believe that if you are as gorgeous as you say you are that the$ 500k hasn't found you if not only for a tryout.
I think you are riding the tiger by going out with her. She's such an unpredictable and moody vixen.
And if we look at a corporation as a legal person that it may not be that difficult to actually draw the transition between psychopathy in the individual to pshchopathy in a corporation.
Modern thin-film transistors typically perform at about half the speed of monocrystalline devices although the difference is smaller when you compare entire circuits because components packed in three dimensions need considerably shorter wires.
Finally he put in a call to god; and when god got on the phone he sked "god why do women cry so easily?"