surname Da

surname [sә:neim]
    n.姓 v.用姓称呼

da [.di:'ei]
    Direct Attack,直接攻击;Department of the Army,陆军部;n.爸爸,爹爹;desk accessory 桌面附件


In1497the portuguese sailed round africa to india and in1515there were portuguese ships in java.
Thanksgiving is a celebration that commemorates the harvest reaped by the plymouth colony in1621 following their arrival at plymouth rock in1620.
After britain conquered bengal step by step by conquering the feudal states such as mysore and maratha until the conquest of the pindari in1818 britain gradually established a system of subsidiary alliances which built up the supreme dominant status on the states.
In1819he undertook a daring attack on new granada leading some2500men over routes considered impassable.taking the spanish by surprise he defeated them quickly.
In the summer of1909the independent movement was in full-swing with producers and theater owners using illegal equipment and imported film stock to create their own underground market.
In1953she had started a midwifery course at king edward vii hospital in durban that would keep her away from home for several months.
Eg1.in1960volkswagen became a public limited company valued at dm600m.
On22nd september1976 there was a boy called ronaldo luiz nazario dalima born at9:30am at sao francisco javier hospital in rio de janerio brazil.before his birth his family had already a daughter lone and a son nelinho.
In june1988 the dalai lama raised a so-called "strasbourg proposal" for the solution of the tibet issue.on the premise that tibet "had always been" an independent state the proposal interpreted the issue of a regional national autonomy within a country as a relationship between a suzerain and a vassal state and between a protector and a protected state thus denying china's sovereignty over tibet and advocating the independence of tibet in a disguised way.
He went to a clean no-frills nursing home in his area and found the price to be$ 88000a year in1995.
In1995 tibans'spiritual leader the dalai lama in exile chose six-year-old gendun choekyi nyima as the11th panchen lama.
He's been wanted by the rwandan government since1995.
2.all Cultivars had good winter hardiness in xerothermic valley area.big difference existed in summer hardiness.millennium could survived90.9% eureka wl525hq wl323ml more than80% alfaking and algonquin 68.7% and69.6% respectively.
2.for The first time to recombine alr procaryotic expression vector and get the pet28a-halr recombined expressing plasmid which was tested by sequence analysis.
Mild or low carbon steels: are those containing up to0.3percent of carbon.