abbr. for Sichuan 四川 province in southwest China
    one of the Three Kingdoms after the fall of the Han dynasty

    abbreviated,abbreviation 缩写

sichuan [si:tʃ'wa:n]

province [prɔvins]

    n.西南方 adj.西南的,向西南方的

three [θri:]

after [a:ftә(r)]

fall [fɔ:l]
    n.秋天,落下,瀑布,降低,落差,采伐量,堕落,下降 vi.倒下,落下,来临,失守,变成,垮台,下跌,阵亡 vt.<美><英方>击倒,砍倒(树木) adj.秋天的


Why use trees rather than maize or sugar cane as a feedstock for ethanol?
Abstract: the purple pigment which is asbtracted from the althaea roseal is a harmless natural dystuff.this article introduces the research of the purple pigment abstracting from the althaea roseal and its stability.
Supported by the three kingdoms culture folkway and folk-custom in west sichuan province and chengduese own recreational culture ancient jinli street forms the successful exploitation pattern of folk tourism resources exploitation in establishing tourism theme product's function designing and management modes etc.
Using aztec marigold hollyhock high-stalked china aster short-stalked china aster four kinds flowers and plants seed as the test material determined these seed germination rate under different salt concentration.the results showed that aztec marigold expressed the strongest anti-salt hollyhock was the second high-stalked hollghock and short-stalked china aster were weaker.
He came to doctor our mare when she ate green corn and swelled up most as big as the water-tank.
Ru shu ji by lu you describes what the author sees on his way into shu expresses his love of the country and criticism of the current politics by allusions to historical events and embodies his intense patriotic emotion and uncompromising attitude to invasion which sets an aesthetic example of high-spirited vigorous style of the south song.
In britain this flour usually goes under the name of maize meal.
"The glucose chains are unbranched in amylose and branched in amylopectin which occur mixed in starches.starch consumed by animals is broken down into glucose by enzymes during digestion.commercial starch is made mainly from corn though wheat tapioca rice and potato starch are also used."
The water course was an important channel connecting the surrounding areas
Such travelling is harder than scaling the blue sky.even to hear of it turns the cheek pale with the highest crag barely a foot below heaven.dry pines hang head down from the face of the cliffs and a thousand plunging cataracts outroar one another and send through ten thousand valleys a thunder of spinning stones.
Modern shu brocade is tough and long-lasting yet finely textured and elegant.
Marshmallow is used to soothe and soften irritated skin.it is used on the inflammatory skin and draws moisture into the skin.
In the revolving restaurant at the top of shu-du mansion.
On the base of shu governor li bin successfully digging guangdu salt well well salt in linqiong and pujiang was exploited in large scale in the western han dynasty.
At the sixteenth hairpin turn one enters a secluded world of luxuriant trees and mysterious caverns where there is the dragon spring temple dedicated to guan yu the famous warrior of the kingdom of shuhan.