Chinese-English Translation of 美国


  1. United States; USA; US

united [ju'naitid]

usa [ju: es 'ei]

us [әs]
    pron.<用作宾语>我们 [域] United States ,美国

Chinese-English Translation Examples of 美国

Fashion is a very popular magazine in America.
"我们研究了一长串在古巴与美国之间搭建桥梁的办法," 他说,并补充一句, "显然,释放俘虏将为那座桥梁的一块砖。"
"We went over a laundry list that could build bridges between Cuba and the United States, " he [Cardinal O'Connor] said, adding, "Obviously, releasing prisoners would be a brick in that bridge."
The Emancipation Proclamation abolished slavery in the United States.
"可我又不在你手下工作,你为什么偏偏要挑我?" "爱国的美国人,你已在这儿呆了多的。你知道
"But I'm not in your Service. Why do you pick on me?" "Patriotic American. Been here for years. We must have our man in Havana, you know."
"We are disappointed with the pace and seriousness of the civil nuclear negotiations with india" nicholas burns the us undersecretary of state told the financial times.
"Retaliation would be inappropriate as the united states acted entirely within the bounds of trade laws and within the safeguard provision that china itself agreed to upon accession to the world trade organisation" said an official from the office of the united states trade representative.
In october 1935 the chinese ambassador alfred sze told morgenthau his country was abandoning its silver standard and offered to sell its stock of the metal to the us in lieu of dumping it on the world market.
"It's a good idea the way they are going directly at the people in this venue" said joe tortorici of connecticut whose company manufactures toys in china.
"The negative take for the bond market is that china reduced its overall treasury holdings but they have increased their exposure to us interest rates by buying longer term treasuries" said david ader strategist at cert capital.
An internal republican party document recently reported by u.s. news& world report and the multimedia political news organization politico described 58 republican house seats as being at some level of risk with as many as 34 seats in serious danger of shifting to democrats.
It started a gold rush unlike any other in american history in the golen state.
Mr.bush gave american people a bum steer in the iraq war.
Kate beckinsale playing a nurse declares. "Before doolittle's raid americans knew nothing but defeat;
..''the American civil liberties union was listed as a subversive front. '
Mdan "crossed with inbred lines of the germplasm from north america etd populations suwan germplasm and local germplasm from guizhou and yunnan all had high combining ability.

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