Chinese-English Translation of 美国人民


[měiguó rénmín]
    the American people

american [ә'merikәn]
    n.美国人,美洲人 adj.美国的,美洲的

people [pi:p(ә)l]
    n.人,人们,民族,人类,公民 vt.使住(满)人

Chinese-English Translation Examples of 美国人民

Abraham Lincoln, the president loved by American people was always close to the people.
Jury boxes are staffed by those with time on their hands or without the chutzpah to refuse to serve-and they scarcely satisfy the constitutional requirement that americans face a jury of their peers.
Mr.bush gave american people a bum steer in the iraq war.
By the end of october1886 the statue had been put together again and it was officially pre sented to the american people by bartholdi.
The challenge we faced in1954was to convince the american people of the importance of dien bien phu.
"I also have to take note of the fact if you would consult any recent gallup poll the american people seem to be quite satisfied with the job I'm doing as secretary of state" powell said.
Except during world war I the united states public has habitually looked upon europe's quarrels as belonging to europe alone.
By the end of october1886 the statue had been put together again and it was officially presented to the american people by bartholdi.
Thus roosevelt with danials's vital help turned the expropriation affair to the advantage of the people of the united states.
The american people carried out the movement of economization to support the anti-japanese war.
Nixon has never give the american people the lowdown on watergate.
Even numbers are divisible by two; the americans fought a bloody war to prove that their nation is not divisible.
The feeling was that it was clear that the american people weren't ready to support this pay raise said a spokesman for solarz who had gone out on a limb to support the increase while his political archrival in brooklyn charles schumer kept a low profile.
It was officially presented to the american people by bartholdi.
We in the nixon administration felt that our challenge was to educate the american people in the requirements of the balance of power.

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