Chinese-English Translation of 绯

    dark red
    purple silk

dark [da:k]
    n.黑暗,夜,黄昏,暗色,无知,模糊 adj.黑暗的,暗的,(头发、皮肤等)黑色的,隐秘的,无知的,隐晦的,模糊的

silk [silk]

Chinese-English Translation Examples of 绯

I can still feel myself standing on that case stage blushing furiausly and gazing over t he footlights to see my father's grin as he applauded loudly.
I can still feel myself standing on that stage blushing furiously and gazing over the footlights to see my father's grin as he applauded loudly.
A jealous brawl involving samantha mackenzie...
Best award for his spouse flowering tree: jiang wen li repeated exposure in the media and her husband who own the beginning of the scandal continues in various television channels pushing sales of hardcover ascot infant formula humiliation mental commendable idiopathic award as a gesture of encouragement.
Folds of scarlet drapery shut in my view to the right hand; to the left were the clear panes of glass protecting but not separating me from the drear november day.
Armand was blue in the face.he was raving and stammering disconnected words through which only the name of marguerite could be distinctly heard.
The concoction of the two most dynamic instruments-wind and percussion never fails to create a roaring and captivating ambience when collaborated at the same staging.
But recent scandals have created doubts about the peacekeeping organization.
The poor girl turned purple closed her eyes with the pain and put her lips to a serviette which turned red with a splash of blood.
Whereas lq said why there was such a haste switch during rps the production team was also at fault as he really did not know about the scandals between wlr and wsw thus he didn't really think too much when he first casted them in the end when all the rumours broke they had to act fast.
A dream is more romantic than scarlet pagodas by a silver sea.
Blood sprang to her cheeks.
She was tingling with excitement.
Methinks I have seen just such figures when the sun has been shining through a richly painted window and tracing out the golden and crimson images across the floor.
Handsome shrub with showy orange to scarlet or crimson flowers; florida and west indies to mexico and brazil.

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