surname Jing

surname [sә:neim]
    n.姓 v.用姓称呼


We are ready for an unforeseen event that may or may not occur.
Melanie sat facing her in a low chair her feet firmly planted on an ottoman so high that her knees stuck up like a child's a posture she would never have assumed had not rage possessed her to the point of forgetting proprieties.
"I have lived long enough; my way of life is falling into the sear the yellow leaf"
"I've been stuck here for two days and I stood here in the plaza all last night and couldn't sleep" one scruffy migrant worker in a green work suit yelled to a reporter before he was swallowed up by the crowd.
The yahoos were the most filthy noisome and deformed animals which nature ever produced so they were the most restive and indocible mischievous and malicious; they would privately suck the teats of the houyhnhnms'cows kill and devour their cats trample down their oats and grass if they were not continually watched and commit a thousand other extravagancies.
"On poetries of poetic theories: the general token of yi's ancient scripture poetics." Yi's literature biweekly february151996.
The sudden popularity of the puggle a dog bred from a pug and a beagle has started up a long-running argument among animal lovers about mixing breeds and species.
"Sometimes in the evening I would go out to him and find him in the garden near the oratory sitting absolutely composed on a stone bench there and I'd tell him my troubles the difficulties I had with the slaves how I distrusted the overseer or the weather or my brokers... all the problems that made up the length and breadth of my existence.
Sources say they deny any affiliation whatso... "
"During most of the time from1937to1945 the strongholds of the cpc had already been blockaded by the real military protective screen formed by lots of pillboxes and guard posts."
"Have I then sold myself" thought the minister "to the fiend whom if men say true this yellow-starched and velveted old hag has chosen for her prince and master?"
"And as for why I stay here--well I've read a good deal about sieges beleaguered cities and the like but I've never seen one.so I think I'll stay here and watch. I wo n't get hurt because I'm a noncombatant and besides I want the experience.
.. Sweep aside the adventure of the form.
... Are transplanted via the optic nerve.
... Thanking you for purging yourself.