[jīngjì de]
    economical; oecumenical; economic

economical [i:kә'nɔmik(ә)l]

oecumenical [.i:kju:'menikәl]

economic [i:kә'nɔmik]


Though we do not question the influence of environment on human persons or the duty of improving to the utmost possible limit the ordering of social and economic conditions we must hold that all forms of "utopianism" are unrealistic and dangerously misleading.
People reject the idea of a mixed economy.
Accordingly the concept of economy has also gone beyond the original level of material goods and an economic meaning has been rendered to social status knowledge symbols and significance of human beings.
During the process of realizing the grand blueprint the higher-learning institutions directly push and develop the local economy by consuming social productive materials training talents needed by social production developing technology needed by social productive material and planning reasonable station in accordance with social material productive elements.
It is inconvenient and uneconomical to have the loom stop when the filling runs out.the loom must remain idle until the operator is able to replenish the filling supply and start it up once again.
Beginning from1999 the chinese government initiated a massive conservation set-aside program called "grain for green program" to reduce soil erosion and improve eco-environmental status in western china through the retirement of sloped agricultural lands and conversion to forest arid pasture.
Starting with the concepts of attention and attention economy this thesis points out the shock of attention economy on college and university libraries and puts forth the tactics of college and university libraries against attention economy.
With the advantages of high efficiency and low cost the single-channel marine reflection seismic survey has broad application prospects in the field of offshore engineering geophysical exploration.
With globalization of economy and internalization of the market the talent competition is becoming more and more severe among international enterprise and national enterprise and national enterprises.
The tang dynasty in its early period inherited the average-land system from the north wei dynasty which as a means for safeguarding the family fanning was an institutional guarantee for the overall social reform.
The government's attempt to reflate the economy is not successful.
Manufacturing industry is the dominant industry in national economy.
Is the stock market a "weatherglass" of macro-economy in china?
The construction cooperation relation between china and usa in essence refers to economic competition and cooperation based on independent maintenance and sell decision-making and peaceful co-existence gradual development in economic competition and cooperation seen as economic polymerization and the win-win structure set up by two parties.
The high technological training center of job of sichuan university regards scientific and technological entrepreneur professional technician enterprise managerial talent as the train objective rely mainly on short-term course long-term course for complement training method that size combine launch high-level training discussion exchanges and such activities as enterprises diagnose.