deal with; handle

deal [di:l]
    n.交易,(政治上的)密约,待遇,份量,<口>买卖 vi.处理,应付,做生意 vt.分配,分给(out),发牌,给予

with [wið]

handle [hænd(ә)l]
    n.柄,把手,把柄,口实,手感 vt.触摸,运用,买卖,处理,操作 vi.搬运,易于操纵 n.[计]句柄


The salted garlic cloves produced by our company is with the features of bright color pure flavor without disease spot and black spot non-mechanical wound non-pesticide residue natural white jade color pigment-free additive-free and preservative-free as well as various physical and chemical indexes meet the international standards of salted garlic clove.
Methods: clinical data and x-ray films of100cases with madura foot were analysed pathological and bacteriological studies were done in30cases with sinus formation.
For the same price they obtained horses to export to all the hittite and aramean kings.
Armour liver often has eruptive popularity basically cause through getting contaminative water or food water of the well in be like a country is caused by pollution small-sized and eruptive be in the cook of preclinical platoon virus cooked food of pollution of deal with contact is eruptive and popular also common occurance; also have give birth to the shellfish aquatic product that eats poison of catch a disease catch a disease to pollute to cause armour liver eruptive popularity place of
Results: the results of38patients in41who got the sursical treatments were satisfactory and the bilateral symmetry was satisfactory.
Art of facial nerve decompression get used to yubeier paralytic ear fracture of berpes zoster temporal bone and the measure that regard other nerve as the operation the possibility that decompression art applies to spontaneity to restore only is mixed rarely major nerve bone is in charge of still whole case.
They don't give us brokerage.
Material and method: 94cases of breast tumors were examined with indirect probe method through water bag by eub27type and atl super4type ultrasonograph instrument and35mhz probe.
The ct images of13cases were proved by examination of pathology and microbiology.fungal sinusitis was analyzed and the fungal balls from6cases were identified with chemical composition and negative ion during the operation.
The lungs are subject to several diseases which are treatable by surgery.
The diagnosis confirmed by surgical operations and pa-thologic studies were as follows: bronchogenic carcinoma in16cases tuberculoma in2 malignant neurofibroma in1 bronehogenic carcinoid in1 chronic pulmonary abs-cess in1 inflammation of the right midlle lobe in1and thymic cyst in1case.aor-titis was diagnosed in five patients.