to trade
    to carry out commercial activities
    in business

carry [kæri]
    n.进位,射程,运载 vt.携带,运送,支持,支撑,传送,意味 vi.被携带,能达到

out [aut]
    adj.外面的,下台的,出局的 adv.在外,出声地,显露出来地,明显地,从头至尾地 n.外面,外出,外观 vt.赶出,击倒,使退场 vi.外出,暴露 prep.通过

commercial [kә'mә:ʃ(ә)l]

business [biznis]


In addition to containing the origins of the salient business practices echoed in vitale's10rings barnum's wonderfully homespun advice included warnings to not spend more than you make not to drink or smoke and to seek out simple pleasures.
Be you on a business trip?
The bilateral fta will not only institutionalize our access to the chinese market but also give our businessmen a leg up in their dealings in china.
He applied bait-and-switch tactics in business.
I do understand that when a child grows up he has to leave home for studies work or business.he cannot be tied down to his mother's apron string forever.it is not always avoidable for a son to travel far in order to develop his career.once he leaves home he can look after himself even better than the protective arms of his parents. I am sure you can do that and hence I do not worry at all.
As I want to go to business I cannot but borrow some money from a bank.
The researchers coated commercially available artificial sapphire with a cagelike protein called ferritin and flowed hydrocarbon gas over it while baking it.
He led a dissolute life after he made a lot of money in business.
Bureaucrats engaging in trade led to tradespeople's bureaucratization and further caused tradespeople's intervening with political affairs.
At that time there lived in calcutta a rich widow named rani rasmani belonging to the sudra caste and known far and wide not only for her business ability courage and intelligence but also for her largeness of heart piety and devotion to god.
While upper-class european intellectuals generally looked on commerce with disdain most americans--living in a society with a more fluid class structure--embraced the idea of moneymaking with enthusiasm.
His background gave him a running start in business.
His money comes mainly from business.
It had been determined between them that the old world with its crowds and cities offered them a more eligible shelter and concealment than the wilds of new england or all america with its alternatives of an indian wigwam or the few settlements of europeans scattered thinly along the sea-board.
He got a good estate by merchandise and leaving off his trade lived afterward at york from whence he had married my mother.