[jīng hézǔ zhī]
    Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD
    abbr. for 經濟合作與發展組織|经济合作与发展组织

organization [ɔ:gәnai'zeiʃ(ә)n]

economic [i:kә'nɔmik]

cooperation [kәuɔpә'reiʃ(ә)n]

development [di'velәpmәnt]


Although it was crucial to break the impasse angel gurria secretary-general of the oecd told the ft that the us failure to conclude a bilateral trade deal with south korea in seoul was an ominous sign.
It urges policymakers to be careful not to choke off economic recovery by cutting back on spending too much and too soon and it says governments should think about reintroducing stimulus measures if the slowdown persists.
To realize inclusive growth to resolve the social issues emerging from economic development and to lay a solid social foundation for trade promotion investment facilitation and long-term economic development are all major topics that we the apec member economies need to work on together.
The leaders of the asia pacific economic cooperation grouping meet in yokohama japan this week to again push for trade liberalization among its 21 members.
In1998britain ratified the oecd's convention against bribing foreign officials but its commitment to the treaty has been half-hearted.
Picture taken on sept.22007shows the logo of apec2007shining on the harbour bridge of sydney australia on the opening day of apec leaders week.
Apec must give firm support to the multilateral trading system strengthen ecotech and try to attain the bogor goals of realizing trade and investment liberalization before2010for developed members and2020for developing members.
At this apec ceo summit you will discuss the important matter of world economic development and you will also discuss how to strengthen mutual cooperation.
"In2003 irish15-year-olds were among the top10performers in an international league table of literacy standards compiled by the organization for economic cooperation and development.
China received$ 1.67bn of aid in2004 according to the oecd making it the seventh largest recipient although that will decline as aid from tokyo ends.
This is an annual publication summarising the economic development and the short-term prospects of apec members and addresses topical economic and financial issues affecting the asia-pacific region.
Given such a situation apec members should renew their commitment to the bogor goals and at the same time work together to reject trade protectionism remove trade barriers and resolve whatever trade disputes they have through dialogues and consultations.
As taylor reynolds an oecd analyst puts it innovation usually comes in steps: newcomers first rent space on an existing network to build up customers and income.