surname Qi

surname [sә:neim]
    n.姓 v.用姓称呼



Adopting on-the-spot investigation and data analysis it was studied that shrubbery disaster that qilian mountain for nature reserve suffered were global change man-made destruction disease and insect and fire damage.
As a folk art yanggoe of qi and taigu county fully explains the feudal marriage with its beautiful aria and abundant cultural connotations.
Preliminary discussion of caledonian granitoids and related tungsten mineralization in west section of northern qilian mts.
The tree ring sample which was taken from mount.chinghai nanshanof the kilienshan region on may301976 belongs to sabina przewalskiikom.
Med and the caspian sea and the black sea and the aral sea are the headstream of water vapor of qilian mountain but it is different in every season.
The present thickenning of northern qilian orogenic belt is the result of himalayan reorogency.
The hexi area is located at the tectonic convergence of the north china block and north qilian caledonian orogen and alex block and is characterized by multiple tectonism that resulted in very rich and complicated geological phenomena.
I seriously prayed to god that he would enable me to instruct savingly this poor savage.
By the research of geological conditions of geotherm in lanzhou-minhe basin it is considered that the basin lies east section of middle qilian upfold belt and on the deep? Stope belt of crustal thickness where the deep and great faults with nww and nnw direction become ascending channels for deep thermal source and control the distribution of geotemperature.
The main reason of constitute of shrubbery and its distribution of qilian mountain is environmental change.
The qilian orogenic belt is an important tectonic and metallogenic belt in china.
The north area of weihe river is located in the joint of the qilian-north qinling orogenic belt.
On the basis of analyzing the geology conditions of qidong well field using the rfpa2d analysis system we have carried on the finite element analysis to the adjustment process of stress field and the damage evolution of the coal bed roof which was caused by coal bed mining.
First study of ice formation process on glacier in china was performed in1962 when xie zichu et al studied the ice formation process on glacier no.1at the urumqi river head tianshan mountain and subsequently scholars studied the ice formation process on glacier in qilian mountain and so on.
The authors considered that the bayanhaote basin and its peripheral regions experienced the evolutionary stages of the early middle proterozoic qin qi he trigeminal rift the late proterozoic cambrian ordovician aulacogen the silurian devonian foreland basin the carboniferous permian compound basin and the mesozoic cenozoic fault basin.