Chinese-English Translation of 生活习惯


    habits and customs


Chinese-English Translation Examples of 生活习惯

The so-called revolution scarcely seemed to have impinged upon the habits and standard of living of the wealthy.
I think your condition have a lot to do with ... your ways of life or habit.
Every two years since1948 more than5000residents of framingham massachusetts have had their pulses checked their diets monitored and their habits watched in an attempt to discover the risk factors of heart disease.
But afternoon siestas have long been a part of daily life in greece where the study took place as well as in other mediterranean and some latin american countries which tend to have low mortality rates from coronary disease.
The geological environment decides the people's living habit.
Television is having such a vast effect on national habits that it has caused a serious decline in the film attendance and many cinemas have had to close down.
The tribunal determined that the dentist's poor hygiene habits made him unfit to practice and struck him off the dental register banning him from work.
And c.studies on the seven-days adventist and the mormans showed that cancer prevalence is significantly related to was estimated that about one third of human cancers are related to improper diet.
The stranger c formed y to ours.
After the suffering of decades of violence and oppression the human soul longs for things higher warmer and purer than those offered by today's mass living habits introduced as by a calling card by the revolting invasion of commercial advertising by tv stupor and by intolerable music.
She had been patient all her life so that now after years of it her lips were set in a gentle and saintly smile.
A custom is a traditional practice--a mode of individual behavior or a habit of social life--that is transmitted by word-of-mouth or imitation then ingrained by social pressure common usage and parental authority.
The unique value of lao she's novels lies in his artistic creation of the intriguing arid colorful world of the townspeople and his critical perspectives about the retention and changes of chinese townsfolk's concepts and customs in the historically changing times.
Of course we did not create an entire genealogical tree for the doc but we discussed his personality his lifestyle his hobbies etc.

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